Lancaster Logistics, LLC is a move coordination and furniture services company. We provide planning, documentation and implementation services to anyone involved in a relocation or remodel. We have made it a goal to anticipate our client’s needs and meet them through the proficient and knowledgeable management of details, logistics & documentation. This pro-active approach ensures the loose ends are dealt with in a timely manner and your project moves forward within a cost-effective, organized and efficient process.

We understand the myriad of details that go into a relocation or remodel. We also enjoy the process and partnering with our clients and their in-house project team members. Our involvement in projects ensures a streamlined approach and makes the best use of your time.

Our technique is specific to the requirements of your project scope and budget. It is always our priority to assess all of the services being provided to our clients and fill in the gaps, without overlapping. We centralize project communication and processes, ensuring that our clients always know what decisions have been made and have current documentation available reflecting those decisions. This allows our clients peace of mind while allowing day to day focus on the tasks at hand.

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